Top US Companies Taking Tech Hiring Offshore

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6/2/20232 min read

One of Turing’s top developers from LATAM shares that he has received many messages over Linkedin from top recruiters in the States. He adds that this trend has grown over the last year.

And not just this Turing developer, many developers worldwide are receiving such employment offers. But why? What has changed? Why are most US companies going to overdrive when it comes to offshore hiring?

Why are companies going remote and opting for offshore hiring?

The US is facing a severe tech talent shortage due to the strict government policies on migration and the Covid pandemic. Both of the reasons have led to fewer immigrants moving to the US. Tech hiring relies highly on immigrants from Brazil, India, Pakistan, etc. But with the lower number of immigrants, the tech talent crunch has led companies to go remote.

Major US companies are already hiring aggressively from outside the US to fill up tech roles. As per a recent survey, the software development roles in US companies that will be filled by offshore hiring will increase by 70 percent.

Alex Bouaziz, the founder of Deel, a startup that provides payroll services for offshore hiring for US companies, says: “Software developers are shaping to be the first global role.” He also added that Deel saw an increase of 50 percent in the number of US companies hiring offshore.

Earlier, companies had to set up headquarters in different regions to access the talent pool from that region. But with COVID-induced lockdown, companies are now familiar with the benefits of remote work.

Turing’s CEO, Jonathan Siddharth, states: “Silicon Valley may still be the best place to start a company, but if you’re a founder, it’s now financially reckless to scale your company in the Bay Area. Boundaryless companies are now the new normal — and this transformation calls for a new way to build companies with a globally distributed workforce.”

Siddharth even adds that offshore hiring has helped to counter two major issues: the cost of hiring and retaining global talent and competing for hiring with physically close related companies becomes difficult.

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What does the offshore hiring spree by US companies mean for software developers worldwide?

The answer is pretty simple! Software developers in LATAM, as well as the other regions around the world, are now open to high-paying remote developer jobs in the top US companies.

Not only do these opportunities pay well, but they also offer perks like flexible working schedules, high career growth, stability, and much more. Software developers with the right set of skills can easily get hired at the top US companies as there is a major crunch of tech talent, and companies are struggling to hire the right talent for their tech teams.

US companies are showing a major interest in the LATAM region due to the following reasons:

  • Similar time zones

  • Similar culture

  • Fewer language barriers

  • Highly talented tech professionals

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Did you know? Offshore hiring is expected to reach 3 million jobs by 2025! With the talent shortage and increasing costs, major US companies will opt for offshore hiring as much as possible.